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"Progressive Stages of Meditation" Workshop with Maarten Vermaase (Senior International Yoga and Meditation teacher)

10th to 11th December 2016 at Stone Water Zen Meditation Centre, Central Liverpool

Over the course of the weekend Maarten will explain why as Yoga practitioners we should meditate, how to prepare for meditation, use of posture, techniques to focus the mind and (importantly) how to deal with obstacles to meditation.

This weekend of meditation instruction is aimed at ALL Yoga practitioners from raw beginners to experienced students and teachers.  Maarten will explain during the weekend why all Yoga students and teachers should mediate (the nature of permanence/impermanence and reduction of suffering), preparation for meditation, posture, techniques for meditating and overcoming obstacles.

The course runs from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sunday.

For further details click here.

Bookings may be made online (below) or by cheque/post.  ALL STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE AND RETURN (BY POST OR EMAIL) A BOOKING FORM.

This event is bound to be oversubscribed so early booking is advised.

Outdoor Yoga (Hiking Yoga)

Sunday 19th June 2016, North Wales (Cilcain)

Hiking and practicing Yoga outdoors is a brilliant way to reinvigorate a stale practice.  When we practice WITH nature we can develop a deep connection with ourselves, creation and the universe.

The day involves practice indoors followed by a 3 to 4 hour gentle hike over the fields and through the woods and finishes with a deep relaxation indoors. 

The workshop is taught by Mike Cragg (BWY, YA SYT).

For further details click here.  Bookings can be made by post or online below.

Yoga and Walking Holiday - 24th to 28th Sept 2016 (4 nights)

Trigonos, Snowdonia, North Wales

Join us for Yoga and Walking holiday in the spectacular setting of the Snowdonia National Park.  Yoga classes, evening talks/workshops, walks for all abilities in the mountains and award winning vegetarian food.

Sessions led my Mike Cragg and Frank Perry, qualified Yoga teacher and walk leaders.

To find out more click here.  To book please complete our booking form and return with cheque for deposit/balance OR place deposit/balance via PayPal (below).


Yoga and Weight Management

Sunday 9th October, Stonewater Zen Mediation Centre, Central Liverpool

A one day workshop for Yoga teachers and experienced students looking at how Yoga can help with healthy weight management.

Learn about the science of weight control, including the role of hormones, activity, energy inputs (not all calories are the same!!), NEAT and the role of inflammation and stress.  Finally we will cover what Yoga practices really work.

For further details click here.  Bookings can be made online (below) or by post (please contact us).

The Pelvic Floor

Sunday 20th November, Stonewater Zen Meditation Centre, Central Liverpool

As a Yoga, Pilates or exercise instructor an indepth knowledge of the pelvic floor is vital.  Not only is the pelvic floor an integral part of the CORE, plays an important part in the stability of the spine, supports continence (reducing stress and urge incontinence), aids correct breathing
and supports the whole of the abdominal viscera.

As well as teachers this course is also suitable for experienced exercisers and fitness fanatics.

For further details click here.  Bookings can be made online (below) or by post (please contact us)


Please note that if you wish to cancel any booking there is a 20 administrative charge per person per event.   There is NO REFUND for cancellations made within 28 days of an event.  Unfortunately transfers are not possible.

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