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Tibet Healing Exercises with Maarten Vermaase (2nd and 3rd December)

Kapucia, Lord Street, Liverpool

Tibetan Healing Exercises are a Buddhist ‘Energy Yoga’ combining movement exercises, breathing techniques and self-massage designed to generate vitality and balance. These exercises are traditionally used for self-healing, deep relaxation and preparation for meditation. The movements are generally performed very slowly with mindfulness and without strain. Their benefits result from our development of our awareness together with the skill of mental and physical relaxation during the exercises and subsequent meditations.  An understanding of the principles of these exercises can greatly enhance our practice of Yoga in general and Meditation in particular.

This weekend will be mostly practical and experiential. The primary aim is to provide Yoga practitioners with tools for the development of their own personal practice, by gaining a deeper insight into the process of sensitivity and openness within movement and meditation.

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Please note that if you wish to cancel any booking there is a 20 administrative charge per person per event.   There is NO REFUND for cancellations made within 28 days of an event.  Unfortunately transfers are not possible.

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