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Outdoor Yoga in North Wales (Sunday 2nd July)

Llanarmon yn Ial, near Mold

What could be better than taking our practice off the mat and into the fields, woods and hills like the ancient sages of India!  Yoga began as a forest practice, now we can take our art into nature and gain a deeper sense of unity and connection with the natural world.

Invigorate your Yoga practice and take away the staleness by taking it off the mat. We start indoors with a Yoga and meditation session followed by a hike through the Clwydian hills (approx 4 to 5 miles), finishing with Yoga and relaxation in the hall, followed by tea and cake!  Note -  the itinerary for the day may be adjusted according to weather conditions.

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Cost 40

The Art of Adjusting in Yoga (30th September and 1st October)

Stone Water Zen Centre, Liverpool

This weekend course is aimed at Yoga teacher and experienced Yoga students who would like to explore in depth the art of safely adjusting in Yoga poses, pranayama, meditation and relaxation.

Done correctly hands on adjustment can increase roprioception, increase bodily intelligence and help students break down barriers in their practice.

The course will cover -

  • When and why we should adjust
  • Understanding joint movement and range of movement (ROM)
  • Identifying reasons to adjust
  • Cautions and absolute contraindications
  • Tactile cueing, light adjustments and strong adjustments
  • Use of equipment to adjust
  • Positioning and use of body weight in adjusting
  • All major posture groups covered

For further details click hereCost 105



Yoga Therapy Diploma, Liverpool Area (5 weekends starting October 2017)

Kapucia Studio, Liverpool

Would you like to be able to work with clients and students in pain or with long term health conditions and make a positive contribution to their wellbeing and health? Our Yoga Therapy Diploma is a short 5 weekend course in Liverpool, designed for Yoga Teachers (and experienced students) who would like to find out more about how Yoga can heal and transform lives.

This course shows you how teach therapeutic classes or one a one to one basis with students who are injured, have a chronic illness/medical condition or in recovery?  Our course will give you the skills and techniques to work safely with - lower back pain, muscular skeletal conditions, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, auto immune conditions (including cancer), mental illness/distress and other common ailments.

For more details click here. 
Cost - 750



Tibet Healing Exercises with Maarten Vermaase (2nd and 3rd December)

Central Liverpool

Tibetan Healing Exercises are a Buddhist ‘Energy Yoga’ combining movement exercises, breathing techniques and self-massage designed to generate vitality and balance. These exercises are traditionally used for self-healing, deep relaxation and preparation for meditation. The movements are generally performed very slowly with mindfulness and without strain. Their benefits result from our development of our awareness together with the skill of mental and physical relaxation during the exercises and subsequent meditations.  An understanding of the principles of these exercises can greatly enhance our practice of Yoga in general and Meditation in particular.

This weekend will be mostly practical and experiential. The primary aim is to provide Yoga practitioners with tools for the development of their own personal practice, by gaining a deeper insight into the process of sensitivity and openness within movement and meditation.

For more details click hereCost 95.


Please note that if you wish to cancel any booking there is a 20 administrative charge per person per event.   There is NO REFUND for cancellations made within 28 days of an event.  Unfortunately transfers are not possible.

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