Summer Class Break – All Classes Restart W/C 16th September 2024

Here at Yoga Liverpool we believe their is more to true fitness than muscle building and flat abs that is why we provide the best in FUNCTIONAL FITNESS AND WELLBEING ACTIVITIES.  All our training and physical therapies are focused on making your body, emotions and mind a “good place to be” and our overarching goal is to give you the opportunity to experience a well lived life.  We see the “whole client” and design all our programmes not just on the workout, but also diet/nutrition, lifestyle behaviours and achieving a contented happy mind.

What We Do

One to One Yoga and Pilates (and Personal Fitness Training) – sessions personalised to your individual needs.  Also small group work/semi private training (up to 4 people).  Full home programmes and ongoing support given.

Exercise for Rehabilitation and Recovery – If you are living with a serious medical condition or recovering from an illness, injury or operation we can help take you out of pain, make you more functional and help you regain your independence.

Corporate Classes  – Yoga, Pilates and specialised classes (such as “exercise for lower back pain”, “Yoga for stress”) in the workplace.  We cover the whole of Liverpool, Merseyside, south west Lancashire and north east Wales.

Training Courses, Workshops and Holidays – keep an eye on our events page for the latest on our short courses, teacher training courses, holidays and workshops.

Therapies – Treat yourself to one of our deliciously relaxing massages, aromatherapy treatments or let acupuncture and cupping stimulate, invigorate and reduce pain.

Please note – all of our work (apart from manual therapies) can be conducted face to face OR remotely (Skype, Zoom etc) depending on your preference.