Mindfulness at Work

In today’s technological workplace it is easy to forget ourselves as we stare at screens and answer the constant emails, social media messages and telephone calls that assail us. 

Is this important and should we be concerned?

Well yes, MINDLESSNESS PRECLUDES OUR EXPERIENCING OF OTHER THINGS AND IS IMPOVERISHING. Over time our mind becomes conditioned by this narrow focus of our attention and our desire to stay within it’s habitual ways.  We can lose 7 to 8 hours per day in this “lost” mental state.

By doing a few simple mindful practices we can stay human during our working day!

Let’s begin by recalling what mindfulness is …

“Paying attention on purpose to the present moment, without judgement” (Jon Kabat Zinn)

Practice 1 – Sitting

Every 10 or 15 minutes –

• Scan body for physical sensations. Note posture.
• Scan for feelings and emotions that may arise.
• Watch and witness thoughts and thought patterns. Be attentive that you do not engage with thoughts – this will give them energy.
• Watch breath and qualities of breath.

Practice 2 – Walking at Work

Whether walking to the printer, toilets, canteen or down the corridor – INHALE when foot leaves floor and EXHALE when foot touches floor.

Give these simple practices a go and not only may you leave your desk more refreshed at the end of the day, but you may find your are more creative, empathetic and productive during the working day.