Tibetan Eye Exercises

During our current lockdown, lots of us are staring at screens – whether this be TVs, PC, tablets, laptops or phones.

Why not give our eyes a break and try these Tibetan Eye Exercises that may relieve tension, relieve headaches and possibly strengthen the eyes.

I have attached a chart to print out as an A4 sheet and pin to a surface at head height.


Attach the chart to a convenient wall with the white centre spot in line with the nose. Stand erect with the tip of your nose as close to the white spot as possible. Then move the eyes slowly clockwise following the outer edge of each arm of the figures including the black spot, until the beginning point is reached. Then repeat the same action in a counter clockwise direction. After each cycle blink and relax the eyes and then do three to five minutes of Palming.

Download – Eye Chart