Facial Yoga

As we age we lose collagen from our skin and our muscle tone decreases in our facial muscles the face starts to show the signs of aging.

Good diet, not smoking and avoiding over exposure to the Sun can all help, but exercise can also play a major role in “filling out” the face.

Try these exercises everyday for 2 weeks and you will see the difference.

Exercise One
Pucker your lips tightly, leaving a small hole as though you were about to whistle. Shut your eyes and continue to force your lips forward as though you are trying to reach an object in front of you. Hold this position for twenty seconds.

Exercise Two
This exercise involves doing the reverse of the above exercise. Open your eyes wide and raise the eyebrows. Open your mouth as wide as possible, stretching it to its limit and concentrating on pulling every part of your face away from your mouth. Hold this position for twenty seconds, then repeat exercises one and two alternately for two minutes.

Exercise Three
Close your mouth and clench your teeth, then force the corners of your mouth down towards your chin, so that all the muscles in your neck are taut and stand out. Hold this position whilst to keep the upper part of your face relaxed. Next bring the chin muscle upwards, causing the corners of your mouth to contract towards the centre of your face and hold. Do four very slow movements, then eight fast. This exercise improves the jawline.

Exercise Four
Tilt your head back as though you were looking at the ceiling. Next place the palm of your right hand in the centre of your forehead. Try to bring you head back to its normal position whilst resisting with your hand, as though someone were pushing your head back against your will. Repeat this exercise six times in total.

Exercise Five
Bring your head forward onto your chest and place the palm of your right hand on the back of your head. Force your head back up whilst resisting with your hand. Repeat six times initially and then alternate this exercise with exercise four. These two exercises build up the muscles in your throat and neck.

Exercise Six
Puff out your cheeks, as though your mouth were full of water and purse your lips as tightly as you possibly can. Squeeze your mouth to the size of a pea, following this, slap your face with both of your hands for two minutes. This might sound a trite masochistic, but it works wonders!